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There are many models of the LED watches. They are very simple in design but have different functions. It is important to realize that these are not their main purpose.

Different Types of LED Watches

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The introduction of LED (Light Emitting Diode) watches has been a major in the evolution of electronic watches. The first LED watch was unveiled in 1986. The watches were designed by Victor mind, who are the pioneers of the LED technology. They were released in a number of models.

The first LED watches were called as light timers. The main purpose of this model was to test the functionality of the LED watches. They would be worn on the wrist to make sure that the light is on. It was similar to the LED watches used by film stars.

The second type of the watch was the depth timer, which was specifically designed for divers. The depth indicator used to ensure that the depth of the water was the same as that which the wearer was comfortable swimming in. To prevent any accidents, it was better to wear this watch. A depth indicator was useful for deep sea diving. There were two versions of this model, one was called the SNTP (Self Time Tracking) and the other was the SMPT (Self Monitoring Timer).

The third LED watch was the easy to read watch. It was a perfect solution for women, who want to wear a watch, which is not heavy or bulky. This watch was even designed to be used in bedrooms. This watch was designed with the users in mind. The band was also customized in a beautiful black color.

The fourth model was the colour LED watch. These were very simple in design, yet had many different functions. For example, they could be used as a camera in dimly lit areas.

The fifth type of the watch was the time to watch. This was designed to keep the time without any complications. It would show the time on the watch face itself. The body would have five minute indicators to make sure that the time was correct.

The sixth model was the double led watch. These watches had the functions of the other types. They had the main function of the first LED watches. They would be used for the direction of the wearer.

The seventh type of the watch was the artificial light watch. This watch was developed to replace the fluorescent light bulbs. This is the type of the LED watches which were used by astronauts.

The eighth model was the prototype. This watch was made to promote the industry of the LED watches. It was for the people who are not too interested in the technology of LED watches.

The ninth model was the computer system. The computer system included a number of functions. It was designed to program it. The LED watches are easy to use and programmed.