LED Concepts Color Changing Aurora Star Borealis with Music Projection Night Sky Projection Lamp

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Manufacturer Description

Project your mood! Transform your space into an entertaining experience or relaxing oasis.

The LED Concepts Night Sky Projection Lamp transforms your space and mood with multi-colored lights and music projection for a full physical and mental take-over! This lightweight, portable aurora star borealis light lamp benefits all ages and can be used at home or for professional use. Place in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, salon, spa, or outdoors to create a night sky oasis with relaxing sounds. It can be used as an illumibowl, mood light, ambient lighting, starry night projector, room lamps, sound machines, and more!

Trouble Sleeping? Unwind and relax into a peaceful night of sleep.

The night sky projection Lamp promotes peaceful sleep so you can ditch the dark circles and feel refreshed and energized. Is your little one afraid of the dark? Soothe and comfort your child to sleep with an effect that is calming and enjoyable.

Lamps are safe and reliable with cool innovative features!

Lamp has a removable hemispherical cover that when turned on and removed, projects nebular lighting. Features 8 different lighting modes and projects multi-colors, red, blue, or green light. The aurora star borealis lamp can adjust from 0° to 45° angles for panoramic viewing. The projector is safe and reliable to leave on overnight as it features a 1 hour auto shut-off allowing anyone to go to sleep with a quiet mind. Has a built-in volume adjustable speaker compatible with iPods, Smartphones, and MP3 players so you can listen to music as you fall asleep. Package includes: LED Concepts® Night Sky Projection Lamp, AC adapter, USB cable, and 3.5mm audio cable. It is made of durable ABS material and measures approximately: 5.5" x 4.5" x 5.5."

Rest assured, this is a great solution for those who like to unwind at the end of a long day!

Product Features

AURORA STAR BOREALIS projection lamp projects calming streamers of multicolored lights for a full physical and mental relaxation effect in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or spa - Transforming your environment into a relaxing tropical retreat COMFORTS the trouble sleeper, promoting better sleep to children and adults - Perfect for workaholics who like to unwind with a restful natural light display at the end of a long day TRANSFORMS the room into a tranquil and relaxing summer night sky oasis - Creates nebular lighting when hemispherical cover top is removed for an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS of red, blue, green, and more colors - 8 light projection modes morph your bed or bathroom into a peaceful sanctuary - Includes ability to plug in your iPod/MP3/Smartphone, etc. - Built-in volume adjustable speaker to compliment the serene atmosphere with soothing music SAFE AND RELIABLE night light - Features a manual shut-off and auto 1 hour shut-off - Measures approximately: 5.5" x 4.5" x 5.5" - Adjustable from 0° - 45° angles for panoramic viewing

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