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* Porcelain - Lantern Candles: Lantern candles are among the most widely used candle types because they come in many shapes and sizes. These candles are not only functional but also have some color to them to complement the room. Lantern candles are made from brass, copper, glass or ceramic and can be stained to look like different types of wood. The smallest candle can be as small as a deck of cards.

* Porcelain - Body Candles: Body candles have a very fine detail and come in a number of different sizes. Some even have a veil or foil covering them so they can be worn as beautiful accents in the room. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, from petals to small strands. They can be stained to look like beautiful feathers or the clothing of a very sophisticated celebrity. These are some of the most popular types of candles, but are extremely difficult to burn.

* Lead - Lead Candles: Lead candles are a mixture of both a body candle and a lamp candle. This allows them to produce a very lighted look that is often called glow-in-the-dark. These candles are incredibly popular and are used in many weddings. They are very popular and have many different types available for you to choose from.

* Fine Silver - Copper and Brass Candles: These candles often times create a rustic and unique effect in the room. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used to accent any room. They are a blend of the sun and moon and are very beautiful to look at. They also add a natural and modern look to any room.

* Glass - Glass Candles: Glass candles are great for a romantic candle lit dinner. They are elegant and have a light scented scent to them. They can also create a beautiful oriental effect in the room. They are great for any type of wedding, christening or anniversary.

* Traditional Figurines - Traditional Candles: These candles are traditionally made with figural flowers on the end of the candle. They are great for a romantic candle light dinner. They come in a variety of colors and have many different styles and shapes to choose from.

* Lighter Candles - These candles are made of wood or tapers. They are great for decorating any area in the house. They are created by wrapping a candle, not with the wax, but with a stick of bamboo or a piece of cardboard. These are great to burn on your coffee table for a guest, but are also great for decorative purposes.

* Hollow Candle - Hollow Candle: Hollow candles are like a smaller version of a candle. They have a candle design inside of them and it is not easy to light them. They are great for guests who wish to enjoy a candle lighter after a long day. They can be purchased as small as a match stick or as large as a stack of candles.

* Angel - Angel Candles: Angels are among the most popular types of candles today. They come in a variety of sizes and designs. These are used to replace candles that were damaged by a cat.

These are only a few of the types of candles that are available today. There are many other candles available today that can be used to decorate your home, which is a great way to add some style and to your home. the decorations of your home. may you can also choose to buy candles that are lighter or traditional.