iCubeEdv 3D Led Cube Light Electronics Kit with LED 16x16x16 Electronic Learning Toy for Children and Teenagers Learning Activities Suit (Multi-Colored)

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Product Features

  • WHAT IS THIS? This is a Electronic DIY Kit for 3D led cube light, a 3D matrix made up of 4096 red, green and blue square LED lamps, which can display a lot of colorful dynamic lighting shapes. It is suitable for students' manual Electronic Learning Toys and welding exercises. Meanwhile, it is also a pretty innovative and meaningful small gift.
  • SIMPLE DIY: The PCB main board in this package has been well soldered and tested, and users only need to solder the LED lamp themselves, so users are only required to have a simple electronic technology foundation and soldering ability. There are 256 holes on the main board to fix the LED and make welding easier.
  • EFFECTS CAN MODIFIED. More than 20 kinds of brilliant animation effects have been built into the main board of this light cube. Users can display the animation after welding and plugging in the USB power supply. Users can also modify the animation displayed by light cube through the 3D software provided by us.
  • MAIN BOARD FUNCTION. The size of the main board PCB is 15*15inch, the main board is powered by 5V power adapter, there are 3 keys on the main board to switch animation modes (start/pause, next animation, loop playback of single animation/loop playback of all animations respectively); the baseboard has a pin header for downloading programs.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES iCubeSmart has been devoted to the design and production of light cube for 9 years. We have designed various sizes of led cube with professional after-sales technical support. If you receive the product and do not know how to make it, or if there are fewer components for any reason, or if you need our help to modify the displayed animation, you can send us an email for any questions. We offer life-long technical support services for our DIY products.

Product Information

To enable every ordinary person to modify the displayed pattern (rather than a professional electronic engineer), we have created a 3D animation software on the PC computer. This is a quite simple software, in this software, you can use the mouse to light up or turn off each light on the light cube. After making the pattern with the mouse, package the coordinates for the movement of the pattern, the pattern will move; or, you can also use the mouse to make several 3D patterns, and then let these patterns display in sequence, thus forming the effect of 3D animation, which is much simpler than using C language to modify the displayed pattern. You can obtain and try this 3D animation software in electronic files.

The following is a link to the video effect of the finished product of the light cube:

Please download the instructions at the following link:

Package included:
1. Soldered and tested main board (size: 15*15inch) x1
2. USB download tool x1
3. 5V 2A Power Adapter x1 
4. 0.8mm tinned iron wire x 1 
5. White electronic line x 1 
6. Acrylic strip (used for bending LED anode) x1 
7. Foggy highlight 5mm LED, 1500 Red Led, 1500 Green Led, 2000 blue Led (for the arrangement method of red, green and blue LEDs, please refer to our welding instruction document. As a matter of fact, only 4096 LEDs will be used, but to prevent damage to LEDs during manufacture, each lamp bead is provided for standby)
8. Tool for testing LED x1

Detailed technical parameters:
Driver chip: 74HC573 + APM4953, the horizontal 16 layers are positive electrodes and the vertical 256 columns are negative electrodes.