Headlamp by SmarterLife | LED Headlight with CREE Technology | 6 Light Modes, AA Battery | Lightweight, Water Resistant for Camping, Running, Hiking and Emergency Kit | Perfect Head Lamp for Reading

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Manufacturer Description

LED Headlamp With Optimal Combination of Light Weight, Brightness & Comfort

- 1.5 ounces -- the lightest headlamp with this lumen output

- As outdoors enthusiasts, we know how critical it is to use a headlamp you forget you're wearing and can be worn comfortably for 8+ hours

- No yellow light, halo effect, concentric circles, flickering or bobbing on your head

- Curved forehead panel to fit comfortably & custom designed headband to fit perfectly

Lots of Features, Easy To Use

- 6 lighting modes - 4 white (high, med, low, flash) & 2 red (steady, flash)

- Single button controls all modes

- Glove tested - No more stopping to take off your glove to adjust your headlamp!

Smart Design, Made to Last

- LED Headlamps compact size makes it easy to stow in pocket, backpack, vehicle, nightstand - all of the above!

- IPX6 Rated - Tested with powerful water jets - no leakage in battery or lamp compartments

- Made of durable, shockproof materials

What's in the Box

- SmartLite Ultra Headlamp

- Comfort-Stretch headband

- Duracell AA battery

We Are SmarterLife Products

- We're a family-owned, Colorado-based company that offers the very best eco-friendly fitness, health and lifestyle products for people who want to live smarter

- We started our company when we realized that it was hard to find purposefully made items that were good for us and good for the environment

- We personally test every product before launching it to the marketplace to ensure quality, effectiveness -- and frankly, that it meets our criteria. Anything less is unacceptable.

Order Now While You Can

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Product Features

HIGH PERFORMANCE CREE LED HEADLAMP MEETS THE DEMANDS OF THE TOUGHEST SITUATIONS: Whether you're camping in the woods, running or hiking in the dark, exploring inside a cave, or caught in an emergency on the road, you can rely on the most trusted brand when it comes to LED lighting: CREE. It's our technology brand of choice for all our headlamps because it delivers energy efficient lighting with a long life span. Make it an essential component of your camping gear or outdoor gear. IPX6 WATER RESISTANT RATING DELIVERS CONTINUOUS OPERATION EVEN IN WET WEATHER: Most LED head lamps work well on ordinary days but when the weather gets tough, our waterproof headlamp continues to operate non-stop in light or strong rain and any weather condition that's high in moisture or humidity, which makes it among the most important camping accessories to be sure to have. TOGGLE THROUGH 6 LIGHT MODES WITH EASY PUSH BUTTON OPERATION EVEN WITH GLOVES ON: The white CREE LED bulb turns from low, medium and high to flashing SOS mode. To avoid disturbing people at camp or animals in the wild, bypass the white light to go straight to solid red light by pressing the head lights on/off switch for three seconds to see the way without blinding others in close spaces such as a tent or your vehicle. Press again for flashing red SOS mode. LIGHTWEIGHT HEAD LIGHT DESIGN ENSURES COMFORT AND EASE OF MOVEMENT: Weighing only 1.25 ounces, the SmarterLife LED headlamp flashlight rests snugly on your forehead with its curved bracket and adjustable strap that fits both adults and kids. Adults can move around unencumbered even in the tightest spots while plumbing or doing car repair work, hobbies and knitting, while kids can enjoy using it as a reading light under a tent or blanket without feeling the weight that other bulky headlamps give. CHOOSE ONE OR ALL FOUR EYE-CATCHING COLORS TO MATCH YOUR GEAR: The Jet Black headlight flashlight is the top pick for individuals who like the all-time classic as it complements any item. Pick a different color such as Midnight Blue for your running belt or be more adventurous with Hot Pink or Neon Green. Aside from turning heads, these bright colors are easy to find when you're looking for your headlight in your backpack, emergency kit or tool box.

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